Online coaching

To help you manage stress and anxiety in these challenging coronatimes, we have developed a package of five online sessions that you can join from home. In these online sessions, we take a closer look at what stress and anxiety are and what happens in your body, we offer you life coaching and provide you with breathing exercises, meditation and yoga classes to help you integrate more calmness in your life. At Pure Circle, we strongly believe in this integrated approach in which we both pay attention to how to release stress & anxiety on a physical level as to the psychological approach. In the yoga classes, we focus on poses that will help you calm your nervous system, worry less and be more grounded.

Program of the five sessions:

1) Theoretical framework stress & anxiety + meditation
2) Hatha yoga
3) Life coaching (body) + breathing techniques
4) Yin Yoga
5) Life coaching (mind & soul) + meditation

Program I: Wednesday 6th May - 3rd June
Program II: Wednesday 10th June - 8th July

Our live sessions will take place each Wednesday from 19:00 until 20:00. Our sessions are recorded and can of course be watched when it's most convenient for you.

The package of five online sessions costs £45. Payment can be done online with debet or credit card.

Testimonials online coaching

"In this Covid-19 period, I felt the need for some extra me-time which would allow me to take some distance from everything around me and to quieten down my system. I never did online coaching before but was drawn towards the content of this package - and I decided to go for it. For five weeks, Tuesday evening became my moment to focus on other things than daily worries and to set aside my feelings of anxiety and concern. I was pleasantly surprised by the balanced program and the qualitative content of the individual sessions. Raina is clearly someone with a lot of knowledge and she can pass this on in a manageable way. You can pick out yourself what works for you. The yoga classes to me weren't that easy (I am an absolute beginner) but the poses are clearly explained and you can stop whenever you want to. The yoga is being alternated with theoretical coaching at different levels, so both the body as the mind & soul get the necessary attention. At the end of the more theoretical sessions, we each time got breathing techniques and meditation exercises, so I ended each session in a relaxed way. I will defintely continue to work with this as I'm happy to repeat the exercises with the recorded links you get of each session. Would definitely recommend this!" Sarah, Belgium (May 2020)

Testimonials weekend retreats

"Just to say a big thank you again for such an inspiring weekend. I really got so much out of it and even though my first day back at work was pretty fraught, my vision board has kept me going. Your hospitality and generous spirits filled me with gratitude. I cannot thank you enough for doing such powerful and beneficial work to help other like me who struggle on a daily basis with stress and overload." Suzanne, UK

"I had a brilliant experience with Raina and Mark who were fantastic hosts that truly enabled me to unwind. The vegetarian meals were great and you could tell made with care and the accommodation was excellent. Personally, I took a lot from the weekend experience and am still benefiting from the break. Coming from London the escape to the wonderful countryside was so welcome as were the neighbouring sheep! The sessions ranged from informative, relaxing, to thought provoking. I recommend this to anyone who needs a break, in fact this should be mandatory for all." Helen, UK

"The past weekend, I joined Pure Circle’s relaxation retreat together with a friend. What a lovely experience! Still experiencing a nice afterglow. Raina and Mark are very welcoming and totally make you feel at home. But also their pets are contributing to the warm atmosphere. The yoga classes and workshops were truly inspiring and educational. But also the food, the rooms, the nice talks, the walks and the environment were wonderful. Totally relaxed and with lots of new inspiration I’m returning home. Definitely knowing this is no goodbye as I will be coming back. Namasté " Valerie, Belgium

"Raina and Mark, thanks for this wonderful relaxation weekend. It was really nice to be welcomed in your warm, homey atmosphere. Your workshops have inspired me to realize my dreams and take some decisions. Your delicious vegetarian meals as well as the idyllic Cotswolds will stick in my memory. I didn’t have any experience with yoga or meditation but after this weekend, I have been meditating several times per week. I will keep you updated of my further plans! Thanks again!" Jan, Belgium

"During the month of August, my wife and I have travelled to the beautiful Cotswolds for a weekend of stress and burnout coaching at Pure Circle. After a warm welcome, we were introduced to the other participants and were presented the detailed program. In a professional, substantiated but also pleasant manner, Raina has  introduced us to her insights not only to reduce stress but also to limit the risk of a possible burnout. For me personally, this has been a huge eye-opener in many ways, I now regularly turn back to a number of relaxation techniques such as the breathing exercises and yoga. The center is run in a beautiful historic building and the rooms are gorgeous and fully equipped. Also on a culinary level, we were pampered by Mark who surprised us with delicious vegetarian meals. Raina and Mark, thank you for your hospitality and professionalism. We will definitely be back!" Wim and Do, Belgium

"Because I am confronted with a lot of stress in my job and don't sleep well because of it, I decided to register for a stress & burnout coaching weekend. I didn't really know what to expect but it has surprised me how relaxed I returned home after the weekend. Earlier this year, I went on a holiday to Turkey with my family but this weekend with Pure Circle has relaxed me more then a whole week in Turkey. I never practised any yoga or meditation before, but am pleasantly surprised by it. I am also grateful for the opportunity to reflect upon my life choices, I never find the time nor the energy for that when I'm at home. Thanks for organising this moment of peace for me and for reaching me the tools that I can start working with at home." Philip, Belgium

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