My background is in corporate marketing, a very demanding job. Being a perfectionist and feeling I wasn’t being 100% loyal to myself, I ran into a burnout in 2012. By daring to look at myself, I rediscovered who I am and what gives me energy: a combination of helping people through connecting to them and my passion for animals.

I resigned, started working as a freelancer, travelled extensively through Asia and South America, studied psychotherapy, relaxation, yoga, equine assisted therapy and breathwork and moved from Belgium to England to start up the Pure Circle Inner Wellness Centre. 

From my own experience, I strongly believe in bringing people back to their authentic self and rediscovering passions and motivation to make the circle round again.

Because of my previous work experience, I deeply sense the needs of people in business  environments. Together with my clients, I am happy to look for a better balance with attention to everyone’s personal priorities.

Education which has inspired me in my work:

Integrative Psychotherapy, AIHP, Belgium (2012 - 2016)

Relaxation, AIHP, Belgium (2013 - 2014)

Equine Assisted Therapy, EAGALA, UK (2015)

Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs), Oceanic Yoga, India (2017)

Yoga for stress & anxiety, Svastha yoga therapy program, The Netherlands (2018)

Seated acupressure massage, UK (2018)

Breathwork and several spiritual courses, Lendrick Lodge, Scotland (2018 - 2019)

Reiki I and II, UK (2019- 2020)

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50hrs), Preksha Yoga, India (2020)

Health Coach, College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK (2021, in training)

Applied Economic Sciences, Antwerp University, Belgium (1990 - 1996)


My career is still partially in the corporate world, but from my passion for sports, I followed a personal coach training in 2017. In the evenings and during weekends, I like to accompany people to add some more movement to their lives and by doing so, reducing the physical stress from their bodies. I strongly believe in exercising in nature and hence reducing the cortisol level in people’s bodies even more.

At the weekend, when the weather allows it, I like to end the day with a campfire for our guests. My biggest passions are snowboarding, biking, walking (with our dogs) and travelling to Asia. I love living in the countryside and thoroughly enjoy helping people to recharge their batteries in the midst of the beautiful Cotswolds nature.


Seated acupressure massage, UK (2018)

Personal Trainer, Belgium (2017)

Applied Economic Sciences, Antwerp University, Belgium (1995-1999)